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M+M Transitions |
M+M Transitions |

Meet Martha + Michelle. A friend's husband passed away, and she found herself stuck with an unfinished renovation and a lot more room than she needed. She didn't know where to turn and reached out to Martha + Michelle for help.

After helping their friend complete the renovation and eventually sell the home for $44,000 over asking price, they knew they were on to something. Not only did they love the work and helping someone who didn't know where to turn, but they were pretty darn good at it too. 

So they launched M+M Transitions and asked if I could help them create an identity. We put together a whole suite of materials included their logo, business card, letterhead, powerpoint template, brochure and website. 

If you're in Central Ohio and you are a senior moving into a retirement community, helping a parent relocate, downsizing your empty nest, or going it alone after a divorce, M+M Transitions can help. 

Adage rebrand


adage cards


My friend Kim at Adage asked me if I would help her rebrand. She wanted her identity to point back to what she really loves doing...writing.

I loved what Kim wrote for her website, "The quill is what Shakespeare used to write Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet; America’s forefathers used it to sign their names to the Declaration of Independence; and Lord Byron used the quill to write, “One drop of ink makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”"

I kept the original color palette and redesigned the logo to include a quill. I also designed a business card and Squarespace website to follow suit.

Keep Adage in mind when you need a little help in the writing department. I have them on speed dial. 

The Right Hands

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 5.55.27 PM.png

Beth Dekker thinks even superheroes need a little help. So this year she finally launched her business that connects those heroes with a right hand. 

Right Hands support the superhero entrepreneur, helping strengthen every aspect of their business - activating ideas, kindling creativity, freeing them to change the world.

I worked with Beth on The Right Hands logo and am excited to see what happens for her in the coming years. 

30 days of portraits

Getting a new camera always comes with a learning curve. I tested my new Fuji X100F by taking one portrait a day for a month. I then described each person with three words. Check out the whole series on my Instagram