Your work is unique.

From big brands to new startups, Genre develops visual solutions for clients that cross markets, genres and audiences.

My creative skillsets are just as adaptable. When you hire one creative to see a whole project through, you’ll get a more balanced point of view that carries throughout the entire piece.

This multi-disciplined work requires several essential skills and wearing more than a few different hats. When you hire Genre, you can expect the flexible and comprehensive thinking your project demands, as well as an experienced creative who understands this is more than just a job.

I launched Genre in Columbus, Ohio, over a decade ago. After graduating from the School of Advertising Art, I was fortunate to work in both the corporate and agency world. Taking what I learned from colleagues and mentors, I created a company that is serious about our work, but is committed to authentic relationships with our clients.

A human-first work ethic

As a small business owner, I get how hard it is to find relationships you can trust. If you need me to show up earlier than expected or help you juggle your growing todo list, I’ll be there. It’s important to me that you’ve entrusted Genre with something important to you. This not only helps our work thrive, it’s indicative of the type of person I always try to be.

No-nonsense collaboration

I will always give it to you straight. What you or your company actually needs vs whatever I can sell you. If we start from the very seed of an idea, you can trust that I will be honest about the timeframe, thought processes and costs behind it all. Streamlined and supportive: It’s the only way I work.

Design that respects your brand

You’ve already built the plane. I'll just help you fly it. I immerse myself in every brand guideline, strategy or messaging standard so my concepts elevate communications and enhance your work -- not compete with it.

Photography that shares your story

Great photographs don't usually just happen. More often than not, thought is the foundation. I approach each shoot as a chance to uncover the individual story that makes that assignment -- and your business -- so different.

Got a project?

Clients include:

Breakfast with Nick
Capital University
City of Dublin, Ohio
City of Gahanna, Ohio
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Easter Seals
Experience Worthington
Igloo Letterpress
John Rueben
Kitchen Kapers
Minister Realty

Mount Carmel Health
Nationwide Insurance
OhioHealth Foundation
Ohio State University
Ohio University
Souper Heroes
The Hills Market
Wild Goose Creative